Bigg Boss 10 How to Make Video to be a Contestant of Bigg Boss House 2016?

We all knows that bigg boss 10 auditions is on its way and very less contestants got selected for the next round of bigg boss to be a contestants and still there are lots of Indians who wants to be a part of the bigg boss house in 2016 but how? What to do? How they could be contestants of the Bigg Boss house? If you are looking for the answer of these questions then the answer is that via registering and uploading your video on official colors website.

You can read the Bigg Boss 10 Registration Process Here because on this page we are going to tell you how you can make a video to be a contestants of bigg boss house or what you have to do in the video of bigg boss auditions.

How to Make a Video for Bigg Boss 10?

Bigg Boss 10 Video Making Tips

This is the first question how to make a video to be contestants of bigg boss house then the answer is you can make video with following tools:

  • Through professional camera
  • Via using Camera of Mobile
  • Via using Laptop or Desktop Camera

You can make video with any of these option but please note picture quality should be good please read these video guides.

Tips on Lighting
If you are shooting indoors, make sure you shoot in a well lit room and are facing the light.
Avoid placing the light behind you. Avoid shooting in front of a window with bright sunlight streaming in. This will cause silhouetting, resulting in a dark picture

Tips on Audio
Speak loud and clear
Ensure your surroundings are quiet while recording the video lest the ambient noise interrupt you or the recording.

Tips on Camera
If chosen, your video might be shown on TV. Please shoot your video like you would see it on TV. Stick to landscape (horizontal) and not portrait (vertical) style.
India If you are ready to be a part of nation’s biggest show.

What to Do in Bigg Boss 10 Audition Video?

Another most important question is what you have to do in video of bigg boss 10 auditions. The first and most important thing be yourself as bigg boss appreciated honesty. Please make sure your videos are not longer than 3 minutes in duration length. Videos above 3 mins will be rejected.

In the video you can give your introduction and can tell Bigg Boss how will your life experience can help you to win Bigg Boss?  When describing yourself, please remember to cite real life examples and be honest.

Either you are from village, small town or a big city don’t hesitate to tell or mentioned in the Bigg Boss 10 Entry Form because the team is looking for the real and genuine peoples. So it doesn’t matter either you are from a small town or city but be real.

You can use graphics, background music etc in the video you can show your singing, dancing talent as well but it would be better if you could give your personal details instead of this because through dancing talent bigg boss team can’t evaluate you better like who are you and how your life experience can help you to win the bigg boss season 10.

If you have any good or bad experience in life you can share it in the video or if you have interesting job you can talk about it, you can do anything you want to do in the video but make sure it should be real and your own that’s it.

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